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A web application security audit serves as a crucial process to assess the resilience of your application against potential hacker attacks. By undergoing this audit, you can identify gaps in defense mechanisms and receive detailed instructions on how to address and enhance overall web application security. Given the increasing threat of hacker attacks leading to financial and reputational losses, a web application security audit minimizes the risk of successful manipulation by hackers. Our security audit methodology is grounded in industry standards, such as the OWASP ASVS methodology, ensuring that your web application aligns with global cybersecurity standards.

Benefits and Worthiness of an Audit

Trust is paramount in earning customer loyalty. A breach of customer data erodes trust, increasing the likelihood of customers abandoning your services for competitors. Unsatisfied customers may also share negative opinions, affecting your reputation. A web application audit helps prevent such situations, allowing you to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities that could compromise your application and damage your relationship with customers.

Web Application Security Audit Stages

  • Pre-audit Consultation:
  • Before initiating the audit, a thorough discussion will be conducted to define the scope of work and establish deadlines. This phase includes inquiries about your web application, aiding in better preparation for the entire process.

  • Verification of Web Applications for Known Vulnerabilities:
  • We will systematically test your web application to identify security vulnerabilities, considering known threats and ensuring compliance with secure configuration and design practices for web applications.

  • Examination of Detected Vulnerabilities:
  • Identified vulnerabilities will be closely examined, providing a detailed description of their threat level and recommended fix priorities.

  • Comprehensive Report on Work Performed:
  • Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report summarizing the entire audit, along with recommendations for actions to enhance the security level of your web application.

Audit Duration

The duration of the web application audit varies based on complexity. Precise estimates will be provided during pre-audit consultations, typically ranging from 2 days to several weeks. The flexibility in duration ensures a thorough examination tailored to your application's unique characteristics.

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  • Inclusive Vulnerability Scanning

    Identify potential vulnerabilities within web applications and network infrastructures

  • Pentest Report Generation Tool

    Generate customizable Word (.docx) reports for penetration tests, prepared for immediate delivery

  • Evaluation of Public and Private Assets

    Assess the security of both publicly accessible assets and private network environments

  • Automated Pentesting with Robots

    String together various tools to create personalized testing sequences, reducing the need for manual interventions

  • Scheduled Scanning

    Conduct regular scans and receive results through Email, Slack, Jira, and other channels

What we undertake:

  • Perform a meticulous examination of your servers and network infrastructure to ensure a comprehensive assessment.

  • Conduct thorough scans on all servers to identify and address potential security breaches, leaving no room for vulnerabilities.

  • Employ the expertise of our Security Testers who will skillfully simulate hacking scenarios using pre-defined automated simulations, offering a robust evaluation of your system's resilience.

  • Deliver a comprehensive report detailing not only the identified exploits and vulnerabilities but also providing actionable insights and recommendations for fortifying your server environment against potential threats.