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Revamp your retail and eCommerce business to earn the benefits of innovative retail solutions and give your customers an experience that’ll turn them into brand loyalists. Retail and eCommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries and has been getting increasingly popular and successful. With the introduction of digital solutions for retail and eCommerce businesses, this growth has been facilitated. More and more brands are adopting digital products for marketing, operations, customer relationship management, amongst others.This rapid growth and adoption of digital solutions in the retail and eCommerce industry have intensified the competition in the industry. Smart brand owners are working towards adopting these digital channels as a way of being on top of their business, and customer requirements and staying ahead of their competitors. Did you know? According to Spiralytics, it is projected that by 2021, there will be 2.1 billion digital buyers worldwide, up from 1.66 billion in 2016. Furthermore, according to the 2018 Synchrony retailer Mobile Apps study, it was highlighted that 67% of consumers had downloaded a retailer App and this number is expected to increase over the years. Statista also points out that the fastest growth in retail eCommerce between 2018 and 2022 is expected in India and Indonesia.
This means YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE DIGITAL! You should prepare your retail and eCommerce brand to tap into these great industry opportunities.

Some of these challenges typically faced by retail and eCommerce business owners

Today’s customers are more informed and tech-savvy and expect a great experience when they interact with your business. Any experience devoid of excellence is frown upon and often leads to a bad reputation for a business. All these industry dynamics has imposed a challenge on retail and eCommerce brand owners; a challenge to meet up with all the customer expectations and operation and supply chain demands.

  • Meeting ever-increasing customer demands and expectations.
  • Getting the right price while achieving increased price awareness.
  • Adapting quickly to rapidly changing market trends.
  • Matching the intense market competition, so you don’t get substituted by another vendor.
  • Staying updated with the consumer buying pattern and aligning your processes to delivering quality service at competitive prices.
  • Marketing your products down to where your customers are.
To overcome these challenges and to excel, there is every need to adopt innovative digital solutions in the form of marketing, operations and customer management software and strategies.


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We’re here to Help You!

At Synnefa Technologies, we structure our innovative retail and eCommerce software and digital marketing solutions to deliver an engaging user experience while maximizing your productivity and profitability. Our core team of expert software engineers and digital marketers has developed multifaceted retail and eCommerce Apps and digital strategies for varieties of retail chains. We gain insightful information through analytical techniques, and we leverage our extensive industry experience to solve our clients’ problems. One thing is sure; our solutions are known for their uniqueness, ease of use, robustness, resource availability, flexibility and the support and maintenance we provide. We empower you to maximize your ROI within the target time and budget. We have streamlined processes, and our thirst for quality service delivery is the key driver to our success. We’re ready to bring scalable and reliable software and digital solutions to your retail and eCommerce business.