In recent times, a lot of businesses happen over the internet. From selling products to offering services and even creating portals where users can download various multimedia products online, enterprises have made everything accessible over the internet.

In all these, web applications play a key role. All the transactions and activities that happen online, no matter the nature, are all results of web applications. These applications are well planned digital strategies that businesses cannot deal without, today. 

In this piece, we’ll be discussing the top 7 things you must consider before getting a web application for your business. However, we’ll highlight what a web application really is and how it can benefit your enterprise.

What is a Web Application?

Comprehensively, a web application is an application that exists on native servers and makes use of web technology and browsers to perform specific tasks on users’ devices. Just like mobile apps, web apps are critical for the growth of a business, especially if the company is a large enterprise looking for ways of making their operations smoother. Not only do web applications facilitate your business growth, but they’re also indispensable for every business, no matter the industry.

How Can Web Applications benefit your business?

There are numerous ways web app can benefit your enterprise. Some of these benefits of web app include;

A web app serves as your company’s first point of engagement. When it’s developed well, it’ll give your customers an excellent first impression, which will make them proceed with doing business with you and come back for more.

A web app offers your customers a convenient, anytime access to your business. You wouldn’t have to worry about delivering an excellent customer experience because your web app is automated and programmed to attend to your customers even during off office hours.

Unlike mobile apps, users won’t have to download a web app into their devices. This is more user-friendly and convenient for most people.

With the introduction of IoT, your web app can collate the data sent by multiple sensors, analyze it, and send real-time alerts to the appropriate departments. 

What is more beautiful is that your employees can access the necessary data from anywhere and at any time they need.

Furthermore, implementing a web application can help you boost your business efficiency and productivity. 

Having a custom web app for your enterprise also lends credibility to your business and widens your reach to the global marketplace; anybody anywhere can do business with you.

All these benefits of a web app are the reasons smart businesses are shifting towards getting web apps for their businesses.

The question remains, “Do you just jump in and get a web app?”


There are numerous things to consider before getting a web App.

Top Seven Things You Must Consider Before Getting a Web App

It’s natural to consider some factors before venturing into any endeavor, and web application development is not exempted. In fact, the critical nature of web apps makes it crucial for you to consider numerous things before getting one. We recommend that every stakeholder involved in web app decision making should be intentional in making decisions concerning their web app development. 


Because of every aspect of a web app matters. 

Although it’s crucial to consider the outlook of the app, it’s also essential to put the features, functionality, and interface into considerations. Unlike before, today’s customers are internet savvies, and 40% of visitors will abandon your app if it takes more than 3 seconds to load successfully. 

That being said, let’s highlight seven factors you must consider during your web application development.

Choice of Host and Domain

Domain name and hosting are two critical things you must consider because that’s where the success of your web app on the internet starts. It’s essential to choose a strategic domain name for your business and to host with a company that won’t disappoint you or offers you inferior service.

Besides your web app’s domain name being part of your branding, it helps to intensify your SEO efforts. Search engines consider your website, web app, and every other online real estate you have when ranking your business.


Branding is the next thing to consider when developing a web app for your business. Branding is a critical factor that helps in endorsing your company’s product or service. Whether you’re a multinational, large scale business or SMEs, you need unique logos, tag lines, and colors that’ll carry your business identity. You must stay consistent with your branding while developing your web app. This will help gain both your customers and search engines’ trust.



Web App functionality should be thoroughly considered before embarking on the project. From how you’ll integrate your services to how the web app will function, you need to consider every single functionality before the web app development can begin.

You also need to consider the security of the platform and include survey spaces, a feedback section, and a contact form for your customers.

The general goal is to deliver maximum user experience and web app security.

Navigation on the Web App

The navigation on a web app is of utmost importance. No customer enjoys surfing through a website that’s like a virtual maze. Immediately customers notice that your web app is hard to navigate, they’ll click the log out button and never come back. Even if you have the most beautiful app on the internet, it’s of no use if the navigation is not user-friendly.

Carefully take the time to design the navigation on the web app from the perspective of your visitors. This will enable the developers to create an engaging, well organized, and stylish application that’ll increase the appeal and efficiency of your app.

Loading Time

You have to put the loading time of your app into consideration while developing it. Customers won’t have the time to wait for your web app to finish loading; they’ll just up and leave if the app takes time to load. 

This reduces the user experience and retention, increases bounce rate, and affects your SEO efforts.

Call to Action (CTA)

The importance of the call to actions on any web asset can never be underestimated. It’s one of the most critical web app concepts that’ll help you increase the engagement level of your customers. One might want to argue its importance; however, those friendly suggestions have a pivotal role to play in improving customer retention and conversion. 

With well placed CTAs, your visitors will gradually discover each section of your app and take the steps you want them to take, down your funnel. We recommend that you use CTAs that are easy to use by the customers.

Clear Design

The design of your web app is another crucial factor to consider. While designing your web app, ensure you make it bright and sophisticated. Add relevant images and designs and remove any unnecessary image or design that can hamper the clarity and customer experience on your web app. The web app should have an eye-catching quality and design, intuitive navigation, and be easy to use.

Be informed that rather than the distracting texts of large images and paragraphs, your visitors will focus on the branding, well-formatted contents, and service you deliver. You sure want to consider this before you start developing your web app.


In conclusion, all these factors to consider while developing your web app assist you in developing a web app that’ll increase your traffic, generate leads, enhance your industry authority, and grow your business. 

Trust that once you give your customers what they expect – maximum user experience – they’re sure to come back again.

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