In today’s global business ecosystem, outsourcing software development projects to offshore software development experts is increasing exponentially. The reasons for this increase in the use of offshore software developers include access to better expertise, focus on core business, reduced cost, time and labor, better time to market amongst so many other reasons. These reasons are covered extensively in our piece on eight reasons why you need to outsource your website design. Although the concept of outsourcing software development projects is increasing with each passing day, some entrepreneurs still fail to leverage the benefits.

For the smart businesses that hire offshore dedicated software developers to develop applications for their business, there are various factors to look at before hiring. Some of these factors include feedback, ratings, and reviews of a particular mobile or web development company.

Although hiring a dedicated offshore software development team offers numerous benefits, hiring the wrong team can cost your business both time and millions of money. The wrong team might create your software wrongly, and this will end up costing you millions in cash and reputation. 

This makes it crucial for you to hire the right team that fits your company objectives.

Before we proceed to discuss the top 10 mistakes to avoid when hiring an offshore dedicated software development team, let’s highlight the concept of hiring an offshore dedicated software development team, its benefits, and who needs it.

What does the concept of hiring offshore dedicated software development teams mean?

The concept of hiring an offshore dedicated software development team allows IT startups and enterprises to extend their reach beyond physical boundaries and gain access to a broader pool of overseas software development experts and technologies at a significantly lower cost and zero time for recruitment. The team delivers the perfect mix of scalability, flexibility, and quality, amongst other benefits.

Benefits of hiring an offshore dedicated software development team

Cost-effectiveness: When you work with an offshore dedicated software team, you’ll save more money than you would’ve spent trying to do the project yourself.

You’ll get experts in specific areas who are willing to deliver the results you expect.

Working with a dedicated offshore team helps you get a flexible and scalable team. You won’t have to go through the stress of hiring talents or downsizing. You just describe what you want to be done, and the team will deliver.

When you work with a dedicated team that’s offshore, you’ll meet deadlines that you probably would’ve missed if you were trying to handle everything yourself. 

Additionally, working with an offshore dedicated software development team gives you the right result for projects within their market. They understand the market and cultural trends and deliver positive results.

Who needs an offshore dedicated software development team

When it comes to software development and recruitment, some companies don’t know their options or the possibilities they can explore. Outsourcing to an offshore software development team is an ideal option though many are yet to understand these benefits highlighted above. With a dedicated team, you’ll no longer experience late product launches, slow growth, and high infrastructure cost.

You need an offshore dedicated software development team if;

You have an in-house team that needs rapid expansion or additional technical expertise.

You don’t want to set up a software department but need dedicated software engineers.

You need a software development partner with an adaptable business model.

You have experience with development teams and want different sourcing, technical, and regional options. 

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Offshore Dedicated Software Development Team

Mistake #1 – Not Carrying Our Adequate Research

This is a mistake over 50% of people who hire offshore dedicated developers make. No doubt, you wish to get the best for your project. Consequently, you must find the right partner. Not just any partner, but a partner who understands your business objectives and can align with them. 

Lack of proper research can make all your efforts go in vain.

While researching, ensure you interview as many vendors as possible and shortlist the ones that fit your requirements. Proceed with asking them how many projects they typically work on at a time and how much they’re willing to devote to your project daily. You need to understand that these team members have other companies they’re working for too. 

You can then proceed with asking them about their background, portfolio, experience, and references. Understanding their work processes and know who’ll be working directly on your project when the contract is signed.

Don’t forget to verify their familiarity with your industry.

After these, you can narrow down your list and select.

Mistake #2 – Focusing on Cost

It’s usual for companies to focus on cost reduction when hiring an offshore team. Most times, these business owners don’t realize that the cheapest or most convenient services might not be the right choice for their business. No matter the project you need to achieve, you need to put your project requirements ahead of the project cost.

Ensure the partner you choose has the technology, experience, and exposure your project needs. Furthermore, it’s vital to know if they work in your time zone or at least provide support during your working hours to ensure quick resolution of issues.

Mistake #3 – Being Unprepared for Cultural Differences

This is another aspect where ignoring significant cuts in price can be a challenge. Different people have different cultures, and this reflects in their values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Certain potential issues might arise as a result of these cultural issues. This makes it crucial for you to ignore the price and get to know the cultural beliefs of your partner and how it may affect your project.

When you prepare yourself for the cultural differences, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. 

Mistake #4 – Hurrying the Team to do a Fast Work

Developers are human beings, too, and development projects are not ideally done in a hurry. Time can be of the essence, but rushing a project often leads to wrong decisions and the product being released with lots of errors. 

Ask your team for a comfortable turnaround time to execute your project and work with that. Inexperienced and new development teams might promise to do magic for you, but don’t fall for it. They are likely not to conduct adequate project assessments before executing the project.

Allow them to take their time and deliver quality.

Mistake #5 – Superficial Acquaintance with the Team

Besides carrying out extensive research on the company you wish to work with, it’s vital to interact and get to know specific people who’ll take part in the project. You can decide to fly over once in a while to get to know your team members, or you can conduct discussion sessions through video chats.

Ignoring personal meetings is a common mistake many companies make, and you sure don’t want to make the same mistakes. The aim is for you to know your team better.

Get to know the project manager who’ll lead the team because he’s the intermediary between you and the company. 

Mistake #6 – Lack of Necessary Technology and Processes

Most times, not having the right technologies both for the project and for communication becomes a problem. Ensure that your team is well equipped with the technologies needed to get the job done. Additionally, discuss their preferred work schedule, communication style, and work processes. 

There are various tools that you can leverage to manage your project; once both of you are on the same page on that, you’re covered in that aspect.

Mistake #7 – Not Clearly Stating the Project Requirements

This is the most critical aspect of your project and also the part where people make the most mistakes. You need to understand that offshore developers don’t read minds. When you seek an offshore software development team, you should provide sufficient information that’ll help guide them on the project. When you fail to communicate your project requirements, you’re likely to end up with a product you won’t like.

Try to communicate the business requirements that’ll help your team to plan the project carefully. Also, fill them in on the nature of the experience you want your users to have so they can consider it in the UI of the software. Furthermore, it’s crucial to let them know about the users’ persona, what actions you want them to take on your App, and the platforms where your App will be found.

Mistake #8 – Opting For A Short Term Relationship

Before now, outsourcing to an offshore team has generally been short-term partnerships where the relationship ends when the client receives the product. 

However, this practice is not advised.

The nature of software development projects makes it vital for you release updates, fix bugs, and make other changes according to market changes. When you work with an offshore software development team for a short term partnership, you’ll either be jumping from one developer to another for bug fixes and changes (which is not advisable), or you’ll keep on going back for other short term contracts with the developers. 

Ideally, we recommend long-term partnerships so that you won’t go through all this stress.

Mistake #9 – Not Consulting with a Technical Expert before Hiring a Team

If you don’t have a technical background, don’t make the mistake of hiring a software development team yourself. We recommend that you hire a technical person who’ll guide you through the process and point out which developers you should hire.

A technical expert understands the types of technologies and processes used in software development and will guide you to get the best product for your needs.

Mistake #10 –Don’t Micromanage

It’s natural to want to control your offshore team and make sure everything turns out perfect, according to your notion of perfection. However, this is psychologically unfair to some developers who might wish to suggest ideas but are overshadowed by your attitude.

If your offshore team is hesitant to ask questions or make requests that’ll benefit your project, problems may likely remain unsolved. Consequently, by the time the product reaches you, things may have escalated.

Create a positive vibe, and you’ll see your team’s productivity go high. 

Conclusively, the software product development industry is becoming more complex, skilled talents are becoming challenging to find, and working with offshore developers is now a widely accepted option. However, the concept is still new to lots of companies. By understanding the common mistakes you’re likely to make while hiring an offshore software development team, you’re sure to avoid them, hire the best team, and achieve your business objectives.

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