In recent years, there have been a lot of changes in the way IT companies and companies in other industries facilitate their needs for talent and specialized skills. Topmost among these ways of facilitating a company’s needs for specialized talents is the concept of “Staff Augmentation.” Because today’s market is more digital than traditional, industries, especially the IT industry is super dynamic, and the type of skills and expertise needed by companies are ever evolving. With staff Augmentation being a way of enhancing workforce, there have been lots of talks about what the concept is all about and the benefits of staff augmentation.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a form of hiring model that companies use when they have a large scale or critical projects. This is typically used when the project requires additional talent to complete. 

Inevitably, when you have a large project looming ahead, the last thing you want to do is worry about hiring a team to work for you as employers when you need their services for a short period. Besides that, there are the processes of recruitment to worry about. Leveraging the concept of staff augmentation will allow you to get the help you need on a scalable, per-project basis, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. 

As you know by now, having the right amount of staff at any given time to meet your business demands is critical to the survival and growth of your business. If your industry’s demands shift often, it’s often hard and costly to have the specific talents and right amount of qualified employees at all times. Staff augmentation provides a perfect and flexible solution to meet changing staffing demands.

Ideally, you need to evaluate the skills of your existing staff to determine which additional skills you require in view of a project or a busy period. Once you discover the skills you need, you can augment your staff to achieve optimal results. 

Before we proceed to highlight who needs staff augmentation and the benefits of staff augmentation, it’s right to point out that staff augmentation is different from outsourcing. The key difference between the two business concepts is the amount of control you have over your team.

With the staff augmentation model, you maintain direct control over your team, the project, and the outcome. However, when you outsource, you pay a vendor for the desired result, and you’re required to give up direct managerial control on the project. 

While traditional staffing methods have been used extensively in the past, staff augmentation can yield a long list of unexpected benefits. Though these benefits are abundant, many companies are yet to understand what staff augmentation is and what the importance of staff augmentation is.

Who Needs Staff Augmentation Services?

Companies in verities of industries can use staff augmentation. However, the model perfectly fits companies in the IT industry. IT staff augmentation gives you the flexibility to bring in a few employees with specific skills required to execute a time-bound project. 

  • Do you want to achieve short term technology goals cost-effectively?
  • Are you seeking high productivity without the liabilities of managing full-time talent?
  • Are you looking at minimizing risk and maximizing control over a project?

You need staff augmentation!

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Benefits of Staff Augmentation #1 – It’s Cost-Effective

Staff augmentation helps you save money. Hiring full-time employees for specific project costs more money than necessary. Besides the recruitment process, you’ll still spend money on providing training and benefits. However, when you leverage staff augmentation services, you’ll strengthen your existing team with specialized experts who’re there to work solely on the specified project on a short term basis.

This way, you avoid expenses associated with salaries, benefits, and other costs that come with hiring someone as a fulltime employee. With staff augmentation, you hire for the short term, specific and immediate needs of your business without compromising quality.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation #2 – You get Experts in Specific Areas

Short term projects are ideal for temporary staff who’re hired to work for a specified time. With the normal employment process, you’ll end up hiring prospects with general knowledge, which will add up to your liability.

However, with staff augmentation services, you’ll hire based on specific skills.

This gives you skilled talents at a cost that’s less than the cost of hiring a full-time employee. You can take time to evaluate the skills your team needs and go for it.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation #3 – It gives you a Flexible Team

Staff augmentation gives you more flexibility when it comes to managing your team size. Whether you’re scaling up or down, you don’t need to stress yourself with the lengthy process of recruitment.

With staff augmentation, you adapt your team on a per-project basis, which enables you to respond quickly to market and industry changes.

Besides this, you’ll maintain total control over your team and have direct insight on how the augment staff and the fulltime employees are cooperating. Additionally, you can monitor the progress of your project according to your desired frequency. This removes the disadvantages of fully outsourcing your projects.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation #4 – You’ll Meet Deadlines

As is usual with projects, each project has a deadline you don’t want to miss. In the IT industry, meeting deadlines is critical to the growth of a business. The more you miss deadlines, the more negative reviews you get, and this has a long term negative effect on your business. 

With the staff augmentation model, you can meet your aggressive deadlines by having short term staff to help complete projects on time. This staff is made up of experts in particular areas the project need expertise and will deliver the quality that’ll help promote your business in the industry.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation #5 – Counteract Attrition

Sometimes, you might have an emergency need for staff augmentation due to unexpected attrition. With staff augmentation, you’ll not get stagnated in crucial projects’ management and delivery time due to the attrition. You’ll be adequately staffed at all times to take on your projects squarely.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation #6 – Expand into Foreign Markets

For a business, setting up a location overseas can be challenging, especially when there is a project to be executed, and there is a promise of future businesses from the country. With staff augmentation, you can contract workers that are familiar with the foreign location and lifestyle to facilitate the setting up. Also, you’ll save costs that would’ve been spent on travel for existing employees.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation #7 – Scalability

Just like being understaffed, being overstaffed can also be a challenging situation. This most times leads to laying off talented employees, which is not usually okay with employees and might end up tarnishing the image of the company. 

However, when you work with augment staff, you can temporarily ramp up staff numbers so that it’s not necessary to reduce staff number after demand has diminished.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation #8 – It Provides a New Perspective

Working with augment staff can bring a new perspective that’ll help the business move forward. A pair of fresh eyes can bring suggestions for improvements to projects or enhancing work processes that permanent staff may be too busy to realize. 

Furthermore, every workplace differs, and the dynamics in different offices differ. Staff working on a temporary purpose will focus more on their duties than getting involved in office politics and chit chat that’ll reduce productivity.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation #9 – Execution of Projects with Little Operational Requirements

Staff augments are most times remote workers, and one of the essential advantages of remote work is the elimination of some of the operational and infrastructural costs incurred by companies. Having augment staff can be a great advantage to you if you want the expertise that comes from hiring specialized talents without incurring the substantial cost of housing and operations. 

Now that you know the benefits of staff augmentation, it’s proper to give you a guide on hiring the right staff augmentation service for your business. 

How to Choose the Right Staff Augmentation Service

Because numerous companies are increasingly relying on technological solutions to deal with their business challenges and achieve their objectives, a scarcity of talents is expected. In the same way, the business world has changed. Overseas offices, several branch offices, data needs, highly specialized skills necessities, and short term ventures are the order of the day. There is every need to sit up to achieve different business objectives.

Many businesses are relying on Staff Augmentation.

Whether you’re a startup working on getting a new project started or a multinational on the lookout for staff solutions in your country or overseas, you need staff augmentation.

For you to get the best staff augmentation service for your business, you need to carry out research and background check to find out the service provider that’ll work best for you.

Before you proceed with the research, you must list out the kind of skills and resources you need help with. This will help you know who to look for.

During the research, some of the questions you can ask include;

  • Does the provider serve your local market or global market?
  • How does the provider streamline their communication?
  • How effective is their project execution?
  • What’s their work process?
  • What’s required to get started?

When you get the answer to these questions, you’re on your way to success. 


In conclusion, staff augmentation is a convenient and effective staffing method used in numerous situations to sustain productivity and enhance business growth. Check your options and select a service provider that best suits your objectives.

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